Radiation Safety

Our Mission

The mission of the University of Cincinnati Radiation Safety Office is to provide the means necessary for personnel to protect themselves, their coworkers, the general public, and the environment from detrimental effects of radioactive materials and radiation generating equipment used under the University's Radiation Control and Safety Program. Its mission is also to provide day- to-day oversight and services to meet the goals of the Radiation Control and Safety Program.

  • Foster the ALARA concept for the safe use of radioactive materials and radiation producing devices; in addition to enforcing regulatory compliance.
  • Coordinate the "cradle to grave" tracking of all radioactive materials used under the University's license of broad scope.
  • Promote interdepartmental coordination, cooperation, and communication while teaching and enforcing regulatory compliance.
  • Build mutual respect among the Radiation Safety Office staff, Authorized Users, and Radiation Workers.
  • Promote a working environment that builds mutual respect among Radiation Safety Office staff members.
  • Provide friendly professional service at all times by remaining diplomatic and courteous especially during difficult situations.
  • Pursue cost effective methods of providing services and recovering specific costs from the user community as designated by University Administration.
  • Develop Radiation Safety Office staff members to their full potential through quality in-house training programs and through the encouragement and support of educational advancement.
  • Serve as an educational and technical resource by providing technical leadership, assistance, and guidance for any person with questions concerning radiation safety whether they are individuals working under the University's license of broad scope or for anyone in the local community, the state of Ohio, or the nation.
Radiation Safety
More Information

Radiation Safety Office:
(513) 558-4110 Phone
(513) 558-9905 Fax
0591 Mail location

Terry Lindley, CHP, MRHP, CNMT
Radiation Safety Officer

Debbie Kirkpatrick
Program Manager

For emergencies outside normal working hours (8:00 am - 4:30 pm)
Contact the on-call technician by digital pager at: (513) 249-6812

Mailing Address:
University of Cincinnati
Radiation Safety Office
231 Albert Sabin Way
MSB 5402
PO Box 670591
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0591