Laboratory Animal Medical Services

Shipping Within the US

If you want to send animals within the USA, you will need to follow these instructions as well as the receiving institution’s rules and requirements.

  1. Animal Health Report:
    • Contact LAMS for a copy of the latest health report for your animal colony
    • Provide the receiving institution’s information such as fax/phone numbers, PI names, email addresses, etc. LAMS can email the health report to the receiving institution

  2. Do not ship until approval is granted by the receiving institution and UC LAMS.

  3. Arrange for shipping payments, dates, and all other details with the receiving PI.

  4. Complete and submit a service request form for shipping materials and submit to LAMS at least 3 business days prior to needing.

  5. Ship according to the receiving institutions instructions and weather permitting (usually the temperature requirement is 35 degrees F and above).

  6. PI/lab personnel are responsible for packing the animals, calling the shipping company, and arranging for pickup in the laboratory room. LAMS is not responsible for arranging shipping or any payments.

  7. If PI/Labs cannot have unauthorized personnel within their laboratories, the courier can be directed to pick up the shipping crates within LAMS facilities (i.e. MSB receiving dock). Contact LAMS (558-5171) for a designated safe pickup spot for the courier.

  8. For questions or any additional health/research use statements for travel, contact LAMS Quality Assurance Staff at (558-5171).

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