Laboratory Animal Medical Services

Export Guidelines and Information

Guidelines for packing and shipping mice

  1. Service Request:
    • Submit a Service/Equipment Request Form to LAMS office at least 3 business days prior to shipping
    • Specify number and type of crates, number of dividers and quantity of transportation gel (e.g. Hydrogel) packages – 2 ounce or 8 ounce
    • Prices - shipping supplies obtained from LAMS will incur a charge. Contact LAMS for current price

  2. Shipping Crates:
    • Large Shipping Container (22 x 16 x 8; Weight (empty) = 1.6 kg)
      *If dividers are needed, 3 dividers make 4 compartments
      *5 mice can occupy each compartment
    • Small Shipping Container (17.8x11.3x7.5; Weight (empty) = .84 kg)
      *1 compartment in a crate
      *20 mice can occupy each container

  3. Packing crates:
    • Do not ship males in same compartment unless previously housed together
    • Ship males and females in separate compartments to prevent breeding
    • Contact the receiving institution regarding the shipment of pregnant females and mice that are younger than 21 days

  4. Labeling Crates:
    • Address and contact information for sending institution
    • Address and contact information for receiving institution
    • Pertinent information to differentiate and identify valuable lines

  5. Shipping Animals:

Guidelines for shipping other species:

Please contact LAMS directly for assistance:  558-5171 or

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