Laboratory Animal Medical Services

Rodent Caging

LAMS has three types of available rodent caging:

  1. Pressurized Individually Ventilated Cages (PIV/IVC)
    • Cage has a solid top and water valve (automatic watering)
    • Rack unit provided forced ventilation and water directly to each cage
    • Used for all standard mouse housing

  2. Static Micro Isolator Cages (SMI)
    • Cage has a filter top and must have a water bottle
    • Cage has no forced ventilation or automatic watering
    • Used for all chemical and biological hazard studies

  3. Shoebox Cages
    • Open top cage and must have a water bottle
    • Discouraged due to the lack of containment and increased occupational health and safety concerns (allergen exposure)

    Contact LAMS for housing information for other species.

    Per diem rate information can be found on our Per Diem Rates page.

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