Laboratory Animal Medical Services

Cage Cards

Cage cards with bar codes serve as a means of cage identification and provides the ability to track all cages within LAMS facilities

How to Request Cage Cards:

    Submit an electronic LAMS Husbandry Service/Equipment Request

The following information is required:

  1. Contact Information -
    • Principal Investigator (PI)
    • Protocol number
    • Date request submitted
    • Requested by
    • Phone number
    • Email address

  2. Billing information -
    • Account number (account to which cages will be billed to)

  3. Animal Information -
    • Species
    • Animal ID (not a required field, applicable if pertaining to a specific animal or strain)
    • Building
    • Room number
    • Sex - online request only permits one sex selection at a time.  If you need to request both sexes, please list under "Service Description"

  4. Service Request -
    • Standing Request - click "Yes" or "No"
    • Yes = continued service for a period of up to 12 months
    • No = service is provided one time
    • End date - designated period of service not to exceed 12 months

  5. Service Description - indicate additional information or specific instructions (e.g., number of cage cards requested, frequency replenished)

How to Activate a Cage Card:
  1. Locate PI-specific cage card packet

  2. One the worksheet contained in the packet, locate the next consecutive number in the animal housing room

  3. Write the activation date (month/day/year) on the worksheet for the corresponding cage card used

  4. For offspring (weaned) cage cards, record the following information:
    • Parent ID or barcode number - this information is required for tracking of offspring back to the parent cage
    • Date of birth

How to Deactivate a Cage Card:
  1. Write the date (month/day/year) the cage was taken out of service on the top of each cage card to be deactivated

  2. Place the cage card in the red or black facility "deactivation" box located near the facility office, exit door, or necropsy room

  3. IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Cage cards with no deactivation date or those not placed in the deactivation box will continue to accrue per diem ccharges until the cage card has missed two consecutive weekly scans

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