Laboratory Animal Medical Services

Cage Card Tags

Cage card tags are used as a method to disseminate information about animals within the cage.


Date of Birth Card
  • Date of birth/Date to wean new litters


DOB card (back)

Separation Notice
  • Cage separated by LAMS
  • Separation due to overcrowding - service charge
  • Separation due to health concerns - no service charge

Separation card (original location)

Separation card (new cage)

  • Cage exceeds the maximum limit
  • Researcher is responsible for colony maintenance

Death Notice
  • Researcher must remove from cage or gray binder



RA Check Me
  • Animal requires Vet Tech assessment

HOT (Health Observation Tag)
  • Animal requires observation of < 24hrs - LAMS will observe

Handle with Care
  • Special care needs to be used when handling animal

LAMS Health Notice
  • Health issues that require monitoring or treatment

Rodent Survival Surgery Card
  • For animals surviving greater than 6 hours following recovery, this card must be used.  The cage card record must be complete and remain on the cage for the life of the rodent

  • (side 1)

    Surgery Cage Card (Front)

    (side 2)

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