Laboratory Animal Medical Services

Use of Hazardous Agents in Animals

All hazardous agents used in animals (biological, chemical, physical, radiological) MUST be listed in your approved IACUC protocol(s).

  1. When you receive your IACUC approval notice, you will also receive a form titled "Animal Use Safety Information Chemical/Physical Safety"
    • This form is completed by Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)
    • This form lists specific chemical and physical hazards used in animals that have special housing and handling requirements
    • Additional approvals from the Institutional Biosafety Committee or Radiation Safety Committee may be required depending on the hazardous agent being used
  2. Prior to starting work with any hazardous agent, you MUST submit a Hazardous Agent Notification form to LAMS at least 10 business days in advance of starting work with the agent
    • LAMS requires one form for each hazardous agent
    • Once approved, the Hazardous Agent Usage form remains in effect for 12 months
    • After 12 months, the form expires and a new form will need to be submitted if work with the hazardous agent will continue
  3. Upon receipt of the initial Hazardous Agent Usage form, LAMS will schedule appropriate training for all research staff that will be working with the hazardous agent (biological or chemical).  This training is MANDATORY and MUST be completed prior to beginning work.  Completion of LAMS Facility Orientation and Rodent Skills Training is a prerequisite
    • The radiation safety office provides all training for radiological hazards used in animals
  4. Once the initial Hazardous Agent Usage form and LAMS training have been completed, you MUSTsubmit a LAMS Husbandry Service Request AT LEAST 2 business days in advance of starting a study using hazardous agent. Include the following information on the service request:
    • Date the study will start
    • Hold time
    • Hazard being used
    • Number of cages
    • If agent has a specific hold time, this information needs to be on the service request so LAMS will know when to place animals in clean cages prior to transporting animals back to regular housing rooms (examples include: Humantropic viral vectors - 72hrs)

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