Laboratory Animal Medical Services

Animal User Training Program

Facility Orientation

The purpose of facility orientation is to familiarize the user with the facility where they will be working and to learn about LAMS policies and procedures.  The user will also demonstrate “best practices” in the lab animal facility with regards to donning PPE, disinfecting and working inside a laminar flow hood, and reporting animal health concerns. Each trainee is responsible for understanding content and utilizing information given once they are working in their respective labs.

Access to LAMS is a privilege and failure to adhere to established facility procedures may result in revocation of badge access.

During Facility Orientation, the following topics will be discussed:

  • Resources - meet LAMS staff and view website links and information
  • Forms, cage tags, and their applications
  • PPE requirements for vivarium and animal housing rooms
  • Tour of LAMS facility - important locations are identified
  • Animal housing room - required PPE, racks and caging systems, water source, disinfecting a laminar flow hood, barrier techniques, how to set up weaning cages for rodents, clean up
  • Euthanasia/necropsy room - euthanasia procedures, supplies, carcass disposal, caging return
  • Security/biosafety concerns

Questions or concerns are encouraged both during and after facility orientation.

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