Laboratory Animal Medical Services

Access to Animal Housing

All researchers requesting access to a LAMS animal housing area must first complete all LAMS and IACUC required training and be added to the protocol of the Principal Investigator before LAMS will request access from Public Safety.  LAMS training includes BOTH Facility Orientation and Rodent Skills Training for mouse and rat users. LAMS training can be schedule before or after IACUC training has been completed.

Access to LAMS is a privilege and failure to adhere to established facility procedures may result in the revocation of badge access.

Steps to Gain Access to Animal Housing:

Step 1:  LAMS Facility Orientation and Rodent Skills Training

  1. Complete a Facility Access form and email to
    • LAMS will acknowledge receipt of the facility access form
    • A member of LAMS staff will email the trainee with available training dates/times.  The trainee will need to reply to email and confirm their availability

  2. On your scheduled date and time, Facility Orientation is followed by Rodent Skills Training
    • Facility Orientation is specific to the facility you are requesting access to
    • Rodent Skills Training is mandatory and is specific to the species that you will work with.  A member of LAMS staff will demonstrate the most commonly used techniques while working with lab animals.  The trainee must successfully perform the techniques to be granted access

Step 2:  IACUC Training

  1. Email IACUC to request training registration (see available training dates here)
    • Provide name, date of training, and the PI that you will be working with
    • Bring Addition of Personnel form to training session (PI or a senior lab member must complete form)

      Step 3:  Complete Assigned IACUC Online Learning Modules

      Your assigned online modules can be accessed in your CPD training account at:  For more information on IACUC training, please visit the IACUC website.

      Step 4:  Confirmation of Addition to Personnel

      Upon successful completion of the LAMS animal user program, the IACUC office will proceed with the addition of personnel (if all IACUC requirements have been completed).

      To complete this step, confirm the PI or lab manager has sent an addition of personnel form to the IACUC office.

      For more information about this step, please visit the IACUC website.

      Step 5:  LAMS Will Request Facility Access

      Once all LAMS and IACUC training has been completed and the user has been successfully added to the PI's protocol, the LAMS Program Coordinator will make a request to public safety for facility badge access.

      • LAMS will notify the user when the request has been made to Public Safety
      • It may take 24-48 hours to process the request

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