Laboratory Animal Medical Services

LAMS Animal Transportation


  • LAMS can assist with the transportation of animals to and from UC's animal facilities, CCHMC, Shriner's, and/or VA
  • LAMS transports animals at approximately 8:45am every Wednesday
  • Once approval is granted, PI/lab personnel may transport animals following UC's IACUC animal transportation policy

Standard Operating Procedures for transporting rodents from LAMS:

  1. Contact LAMS Quality Assurance staff to send a copy of your animal colony's most recent health report to the receiving institution
  2. For transport to or from CCHMC, submit a UC Transport Form to the LAMS office/Quality Assurance staff
  3. Do not ship until approval is granted by both LAMS and the receiving institution
  4. Contact receiving institution prior to shipment to confirm approval and arrival arrangements
  5. Submit a LAMS transportation service/equipment request to the LAMS office at least 3 business days prior to ship date
    • Research staff members are responsible for preparing animals for transport
    • For shipments destined for other LAMS facilities, place rodents in a clean SMI cage with new food and water.
    • Label cages with blue "TRANSPORT" tape

Note:  Ensure the bottom portion of the barcoded cage card remains on the cage/crate when shipping.


Animals must be brought to the designated area at least 30 minutes before designated shipping time:

  • CVC - laundry room
  • Reading - corridor in front of LAMS office
  • MSB - corridor in front of LAMS break room
  • Vontz - site dock

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