Laboratory Animal Medical Services

Animal Ordering

Please click here to begin your order:  Electronic Animal Order Form

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After submitting your order:

  1. After successfully submitting your request, you must route the form to your Business Administrator (BA) who will enter the account information for purchasing the animals.
  2. A request BA page will display
  3. Enter BA's last name
    • Click on "Find"
    • Click on the circle next to the appropriate BA's name
    • Enter comments as needed
    • Click on "Send Request"
  4. The BA will receive an email alert that an order is pending review.
  5. Once the BA reviews your request and enters the required financial information, the request will be sent to LAMS.  Optionally, the BA may route the request back to you requesting changes.  Should this occur, you will need to access the electronic ordering form and make the necessary changes.
  6. Once the request is received by LAMS, the housing number will be determined and the animals will be ordered.  Optionally, LAMS staff will contact you will questions prior to finalizing your request.

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