Animal Care & Use

Training and Personnel

Regulatory Training

Both OLAW and the USDA require proper training of all personnel who will work with vertebrate animals. At the University of Cincinnati, all personnel must attend Orientation prior to working with animals and retraining every 3 years thereafter. Orientation sessions are provided on a regular monthly basis. As research staff are added to protocols, their experience is reviewed, and they must attend appropriate training before work with animals. Orientation covers the following items:

  • Federal Regulations, including OLAW & USDA regulatory requirements
  • Institutional Policies
  • AAALAC & The Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals
  • AVMA Panel on Euthanasia

Animal Welfare

  • Human practice of animal maintenance and procedures
  • Reduction, Replacement, & Refinement
  • Overview of the University's Occupational Health & Safety Program, including zoonotic diseases

A Certification Examination is conducted at the end of Orientation. All personnel must achieve a passing score to receive credit for the Orientation. If a passing score is not achieved, personnel will be required to meet with the IACUC Office training coordinator for remedial review in order to receive a passing score.

Species-Specific Training

Based on each individual's experience related to the species he/she will work with and the procedures he/she will perform, species-specific training may be required in addition to Orientation. Species-specific training covers the following items:

  • Husbandry
  • Restraint techniques
  • Injections & Venipuncture
  • Commons health problems & signs of illness
  • Anesthesia & Euthanasia
  • Zoonosis

Further training sessions may be provided on an as-needed basis (e.g. specific procedures not included in species-specific training).

Training Schedule & Personnel Forms

Click on the training schedule link below to view the schedule and register for training. To make personnel modifications, please click on the personnel forms link.

The Principal Investigator (PI) must complete IACUC Orientation and other applicable training before the IACUC will consider approving the protocol. If funds need to be transferred from another institution and the PI is not yet at UC, the protocol ma be approved but animals cannot be ordered and animal studies may not begin until all training requirements havebeen met. The approval will be valid for 60 days.

PI Responsibilities and Procedures for Visitors Working with Animals

Visitors working with animals for less than 14 days need not be added to the IACUC protocol. The following conditions are required when visitors are working with animals.

The UC sponsor must:


The Visitor must:

    • Participate in their own institution's Occupational Health & Safety Program
    • Be under direct supervision of an IACUC approved animal user

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