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Welcome to the new Research Administration Portal (RAP)

This portal will be your central location for both protocol (IACUC component) and animal (Animal Operations/AOPs) management . The IACUC portion will be where you:
  1. Submit:
    • new protocols1 for review
    • amendments2 to currently approved protocols
    • annual reviews3
    • triennial reviews4
    • research team5 and protocol team6 updates
  2. Communicate directly with:
    • the veterinarian(s) during Vet Consults7
    • the reviewer
    • the IACUC office staff in regards to your submission

User Resources

Below are step by step guides to help you through the various processes:


1 New protocols are referred to as "New Protocol Applications" within the RAP system

2 Formerly referred to as limited modifications or modifications, amendments are any changes made to a protocol

3 Formerly referred to as Annual Progress Report or APR, an annual review is the yearly review required by protocols that include a USDA species or have a funding agency that stipulates a yearly review

4 Formerly referred to as an Update or Renewal, a triennial review is the review process for renewing a protocol’s approval period

5 Your research team is made up of the people that are working with your protocol, including those that won't be working with the animals (ex: Business Administrator, Statistician)

6 Your protocol team is made up of the people that are performing the procedures approved on your protocol (ex: surgeons, colony managers)

7 Formerly referred to as veterinary preview, the Vet Consult is the process where a LAMS veterinarian will work directly with you to ensure your protocol is ready to be submitted for IACUC review

**Please note: due to viewing issues with Internet Explorer and Chrome, Firefox is the preferred web browser for this application.**

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