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Reporting Animal Concerns

One of the basic functions of the IACUC, as specific in the USDA Regulations is to "review and, if warranted, investigate concerns involving the care and use of animals at the facility resulting from public complaints received and from reports of noncompliance received from laboratory or research facility personnel or employees" [9 CFR Part 2, Subpart C, Section 2.31 (c)(4)]. Also required under 9 CFR Part 2, Subpart C, is training of personnel in the "methods whereby deficiencies in animal care and treatment are reported including deficiencies in animal care and treatment reported by any employee of the facility." The institution should have established procedures for reporting, receiving and handling allegations of animal mistreatment or other noncompliance.

The highest administrative level must advocate that finest animal care and by so doing assure the public, researchers, employees or students that there is a true desire to investigate allegations of mistreatment or noncompliance. The IACUC and veterinarians must perpetuate the same attitute. There must be no implication that reporting such instances could be detrimental to an individual's standing with the organization. Indeed, the USDA Regulations provide specific protection under the law. [9 CFR, Part 2, Subpart C 2.32 (c)(4)]

The University's IACUC recommends that concerns first be discussed with one's supervisor. Many instances of noncompliance may be corrected within the laboratory. Noncompliance may also be discussed with LAMS veterinary or management staff if internal routes through the laboratory are unsuccessful.

  LAMS Office: Phone - (513) 558-5171

If internal routes through the laboratory and LAMS are unsuccessful, please contact the IACUC Office.

  IACUC Office: Phone - (513) 558-5187, Email -

If all internal routes of reporting noncompliance are unsuccessful, the University has contracted with a compliance agency for a toll-free reporting hotline. The greatest benefit of the toll-free hotline, other than being free to the user, is the anonymity! Callers may report noncompliance and request a copy of the final report. Although the caller's name and mailing address may be given to the compliance agency, no one at the University may access this information. The caller remains 100% anonymous to all individuals at the University. It should be noted that this hotline could be used to report any misconduct at UC Medical Center. The hotline is not restricted to research concerns.

  Toll-Free Anonymous Compliance Hotline - (800) 889-1547

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