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#001 Non-Traditional Procurement

#002 Identification and Genotyping

#003 Transportation Policy

#004 Use of Expired Medical  Materials in Animals 

#005 Animal Adoption

#006 Exceeding Animal Numbers for Approved Protocol in Non-USDA Species

#007 CO2 Euthanasia

#008 Cage Identification

#009 Change or Addition of Principal Investigator to Approved Protocol

#010 Anesthesia Requirement for Retro-Orbital Blood Collection of Rodents

#011 Purchasing Animal Organs, Tissues, or Antibodies from Outside Vendor

#012 Housing Animals in Laboratories

#012A Requirements for Mammalian Satellite Housing

  • Reference LAMS for Housing Log - FM601.1

#012B Requirements for Ectothermic Satellite Housing

#013 Allowing LAMS to Provide Technical Service

#014 Submission of Protocol Updates

#015 Veterinary Verification and Consultation (VVC) and Administrative Changes to an IACUC Protocol

#016A Rodent Survival Surgery

#016B USDA Species Survival Surgery

#016C Ectotherm Survival Surgery

#017 Labeling and Storage Requirements for Secondary Containers

#018 Guidelines for Regulatory Reporting of Non-Compliance, Adverse Events, and Assessment of Penalties

#019 Use of Pharmaceutical Grade Drugs in Vertebrate Animals

#020 Use of Analgesics

#021 Specifications for Satellite Animal Procedure Areas

#022 Requirement for Safety Office Approval Prior to IACUC Protocol Approval

#023 Modifications to Animal Protocol

#024 Required Transfer of Animals to Outside Institutions

#025 Guidelines for Use and Inclusion of Zebrafish in IACUC Protocols

#027 Requirements for Limited Access to Animal Housing Areas During Studies

#028 Transfer of Animals to LAMS Holding Protocol

#029 Transfer of Animals between UC Approved IACUC Protocols

#030 Environmental Enrichment and Social Housing of Laboratory Animals

#032 Post-Approval Monitoring

#033 Storage and Location of Animal Diets

#034 Food or Fluid Regulation Requirements for Rodents

  • Food/Fluid Regulation Cage Cards and Monitoring Forms can be found on the LAMS website.


Proposed Policies

The following IACUC policies and procedure under review.  The IACUC encourages researchers to comment on these documents prior to final IACUC approval.  All comments will be taken into consideration. 


There are no policies to review at this time.

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Requesting an Exception to IACUC Policy

Principal Investigators may request an exception to IACUC policy if ample scientific justification is provided. Exception requests require full IACUC review and approval prior to implementation.

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