Animal Care & Use

Personnel Modifications

The following forms are to be utilized for personnel additions to or removal from IACUC protocols.

  • Only one protocol and one individual may be referenced on each form.
  • Additional forms must be used for additional protocols or additional lab members (i.e. multiple protocols or individuals may not be listed on one form).
  • The forms are designed for completion on the computer, then printed and signed.  Handwritten forms will not be accepted.


Addition of Personnel - Form P01

Use this form to add personnel to a protocol.

  • Personnel must have completed IACUC Orientation within the past 3 years. 
  • Completion of species-specific training, if necessary, will be required prior to IACUC approval.
  • Approval of personnel additions will be emailed to the Principal Investigator.
  • Personnel may not begin working with animals until the approval notification is received by email. 

LAMS training will be required prior to accessing the animal facility. This must be scheduled through LAMS after IACUC approval notification is received.

Common mistakes that will result in delayed approval or returning of form to PI:

  • Forms are handwritten
  • Both signatures are not provided
  • Person referenced to provide procedural training is not an approved user on the protocol
  • Personnel experience is not adequately described.

    • Source where experience was gained is not listed (e.g. no source vs. University of Cincinnati)
    • Time/duration of experience not provided (e.g. 10 years vs. 1994-
    • Specific procedures are not listed (e.g. major surgery vs. laparotomy)

Example of adequate description of personnel experience:
University of Cincinnati:  Dr. Smith's research laboratory
Fall 1993-Spring 2000

  • Breed mice, including checking for vaginal plugs, ear punching, ear tagging, microtattooing
  • Blood collection, including tail & saphenous vein
  • Euthanasia with carbon dioxide followed by decapitation

Example of inadequate description of personnel experience:

  • 10 years experience working with mice
  • Performing major surgery
  • Blood collection
  • Euthanasia


Removal of Personnel - Form P02

Use this form to remove personnel from a protocol. This form may be submitted prior to personnel departure. Only the Removal of Personnel form may be submitted by email. Please note that the email must come from the Principal Investigator’s email address. 

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