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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I add or remove personnel from my protocol?

A: Visit the IACUC website to download the appropriate Personnel form. Please read the instructions carefully to avoid delays in processing the form. Completed forms should be submitted to the IACUC office.

Q: What is the time frame for protocol approval by the IACUC?

A: Principal Investigators are encouraged to allow three months for protocol approval, although many protocols have been approved within one month of submission. Investigators should contact the IACUC office to schedule a preliminary review meeting when planning a protocol submission. During the preliminary review meeting, it will be determined if the protocol will require full committee review or designated members review. Full committee reviews are discussed at the IACUC monthly meeting. Revisions to the protocol may be suggested by the LAMS veterinarian, it can be distributed to the IACUC members if all review. When the revised protocol submitted by the PI receives the go-ahead from the LAMS veterinarian, it can be distributed to the IACUC members if all appropriate forms (personnel, endorsement signatures, satellite procure, satellite housing) have been received the IACUC reviewer comments, if needed. Comments are compiled and forwarded by email to the PI for response. The IACUC staff will assist Pls in responding to IACUC reviewer comments, if needed. The review process interchange may require one or more cycles of revision. The protocol will also be reviewed by the appropriate safety hazards office and must approval prior to the IACUC approving the protocol. The process occurs simultaneously with IACUC review and is coordinated by the IACUC office.

Q: Is there a health program for research personnel?

A: All faculty, staff and students working with animals as well as maintenance personnel are required to participate in the Occupational Health and Safety program operated by University Health Services (UHS). New animal users are required to complete an enrollment questionnaire as part of the IACUC Orientation. Exemptions to the Occupational Health & Safety program policy include students and visiting faculty who qualify in the Occupational Health and Safety Program for Students with Animal Contact (OHSPSAC) are not to participate in this program.

Q: What do I do if I have a complaint or concern about animal care?

A: The IACUC recommends that concerns first be discussed with one's supervisor. Many issues can be corrected within the laboratory. If internal routes through the laboratory and Laboratory Animal Medical Services (LAMS) are unsuccessful, please contact the IACUC office. If all internal routes of reporting noncompliance are unsuccessful, the University has contracted with a compliance agency for a toll-free reporting hotline. The toll-free hotline is free, and callers remain anonymous. For additional information regarding reporting concerns, visit Reporting Concerns.

Q: Who is responsible for the animal's care after it has surgery?

A: Research personnel under the IACUC approved protocol are responsible for the animal during surgery, the anesthesia recovery period, and the acute/long-term post operative period. For additional information on observation and documentation requirements please refer to policy 16.

Q: Who do I call if I want to order animals?

A: Contact the LAMS office for information on ordering animals under an IACUC approved protocol. All research animals ordered under approved protocols must be obtained through LAMS approved vendors, unless other arrangements have been approved by LAMS. Standards of animal welfare and infection control depend on absolute adherence to this process.

Q: How do I transfer animals from one protocol to another?

A: After verifying that the protocol is approved for the transfer of the species, contact the LAMS office and complete a transfer form. Proper transfer of animals is crucial in institutional infection control and compliance with IACUC policies.

Q: What do I do if I find a sick animal?

A: Animals are to be observed at least daily or as described in the protocol, and any abnormal observations of the animal indicating illness or study complication must be reported to the LAMS veterinary staff immediately.

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