Institutional Review Board

ePAS Submission Guidance and Documents

To access ePAS - click on link below, or copy and paste into browser:

For U.C. and affiliated sites, login by clicking on the U.C. logo at the bottom of the page.  You will then login using your U.C. credentials.

Departmental Dedication - find your IRB representative


 ePAS Training Overview Video

Troubleshooting Guide (pdf)

The links below are for the documents that will be uploaded into ePAS. There may be other documents needed in ePAS, depending on your study.


Informed Consent Documents

Checklists for Research Involving Vulnerable Populations

Recruitment Guidance for Investigators

Conflict of Interest Form

Miscellaneous documents that may be required:

  • Humanitarian Use Device Information
  • Waiver of Indemnification 
  • Sponsor's Indemnification Statement 
  • Explanation of Indemnification