Institutional Review Board

Especially For VA Researchers

VA Informed Consent
The 10-1086 must be used for all VA research. The 10-1086 includes required template language for both VA and UC.

University of Cincinnati's IRB
All IRB guidance and forms are available to download from this website.

Submitting to the UC IRB:

  • In addition to the 10-1086, the UC informed consent form must be used by VA researchers who are conducting research at UC
  • All submissions from the VA, whether medical or social/behavioral, are required to be submitted to the Medical IRB for review and approval
  • All VA researchers must complete the required UC training. Please visit our training page for further information

The Research and Development (R&D) Committee is responsible for maintaining high standards throughout the facility’s research and development program and supporting the patient care mission in the VA. All funded and unfunded research and development activities involving the staff, patients and resources of this VAMC are within its purview.

VHA Handbook Requirements of HSR
VHA Handbook Research Misconduct

For questions or concerns regarding conducting research at the VA contact:
Casey E. James
Cincinnati VA Medical Center
(513) 861-3100