Human Research Protection Program

Reporting Concerns for Human Subjects Research

Human subjects research at the University of Cincinnati is conducted according to a Federalwide Assurance (FWA), unless exempt. The FWA requires that research proposals be reviewed by a convened committee known as the Institutional Review Board (IRB). The IRB Office provides guidance to the researchers and supports 2 IRB committees. The IRB site contains information on the IRB Committees, the IRB Office,and the protocol process. You will also find information on HIPAA waivers, forms orientation, procedures, regulations, and FAQs.

The University's IRB recommends that concerns first be discussed with one's supervisor. Many instances of noncompliance may be corrected within the research team.

    Research Compliance: Phone - (513) 558-5034
                                 Email -  

If all internal routes of reporting noncompliance are unsuccessful, the University has contracted with a compliance agency for a toll-free reporting hotline. The greatest benefit of the toll-free hotline, other than being free to the user, is the anonymity! Callers may report noncompliance and request a copy of the final report. Although the caller's name and mailing address may be given to the compliance agency, no one at the University may access this information. The caller remains 100% anonymous to all individuals at the University! It should be noted that this hotline could be used to report any misconduct at UC's Medical Center. The hotline is not restricted to research concerns.

      Toll-Free Anonymous Compliance Hotline - (800) 889-1547

                      You may also file a report via the web:  Anonymous Online Reporting

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Assistant Director

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Education and Outreach Specialist

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CIRB Liaison

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Human Protection Administrator

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CIRB Coordinator