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ePAS is the electronic database utilized by the UC Institutional Review Board (IRB) for all human research activities.  (To access ePAS - click on link below, or copy and paste into browser:  )

To activate your ePAS account, please provide the below information to Laura Hoskins:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • UC ID (M number)
  • Dept. Affiliation


For Non-UC employees, please self register on the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) website.  Click "Compliance Training or Competency Testing", then select "New User? Register!" on the left hand side of the screen. Your username and password will be emailed to the address provided.  Once registered, please provide the information below to Laura Hoskins in the Human Research Protection (HRPP) Office so your ePAS account can be activated.

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Dept. Affiliation

Click here for the ePAS Training Overview Video

Having trouble accessing ePAS?  See our troubleshooting guide.

If you need an overview of the system, or have study specific questions related to ePAS, you may set up an appointment with Claudia Norman in the HRPP office (558-5784).

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Human Research Protection Program
University Hall, Suite 300
51 Goodman Drive
PO Box 210567
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0567
General Inquiries:

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Angela Braggs-Brown, RAC, CIP, MA

Kareemah Mills, CIP
Assistant Director

Claudia Norman, CIP
Education and Outreach Specialist

Human Protection Administrators

Martina Harmon, MS

Laura Hoskins

Tara Knipp, CIP

Christa Preston, CIP

Deborah Quinones-Stewart, CIP

Quality Assurance Auditors
Jackie Glass, CCRP

StrokeNet CIRB

Susan Roll, RN, BSN, CCRP
CIRB Liaison

Jo Ann Behrle
Human Protection Administrator

Keeley Hendrix
CIRB Coordinator