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Fees for Externally Funded Studies

The infrastructure that supports the IRB is funded by the indirect (F&A) return on expenditures.  That cost is not captured when the funding is run outside of UC (e.g. if the contract runs through UCHealth or CERV).  If studies are receiving funding external to UC and are using UC's IRB, the following fees apply:

Initial Review of the Research - $2,000
Initial review encompasses the review of the research protocol, qualifications of the investigator, associated consent forms, protocol-related advertisements, questionnaires, screening scripts, and other submitted materials.

Fast-track review of initial protocol submission - $5,000
Fast-track review requires:
a) evidence from the sponsor indicating deadline/closure date for enrollment
b) evidence that approval delay would cause inability to enroll appropriate subjects for special requirement of a clinical trial
c) evidence of competitive enrollment by the sponsor.
Other requirements for fast-track review can be obtained by contacting the HRPP office: (513) 558-5259. Fast track submissions will go before the board within 2 weeks of the office receiving and accepting ALL of the required documents and signatures.

Exempt review of initial protocol submission - $500
There will be a one-time fee for the initial review of the research protocol, qualifications of the investigator and staff, and other submitted materials, for studies that meet exempt review categories.

Continuing Review - $1,000
The IRB must review ongoing research at least annually and that review must be substantive and at least comparable to the initial review. The protocol is reviewed on an annual basis, or more frequently as directed by the Board.

Changes to Research - $250
Modifications to research such as protocol amendments, revised protocols, updates to consent forms, and new recruitment or retention materials, change of principal investigator or Co-Principal Investigator incur a  fee. The change in research fee applies each time Board review and preparation of regulatory documentation is required for a research site.

Reliance on Commerical IRB - $500
UC has contracts with the following commercial IRBs:  Western Institutional IRB (WIRB), Schulman Associates, and Quorum Review.  The UC HRPP office will charge a handling fee for each new submission.  Please contact the commercial IRB for further billing information.

There is no charge for administrative modifications (i.e., study personnel changes, or site additions) or submission of reportable events (i.e., unanticipated problems, adverse event/serious adverse event, protocol deviation).

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