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International travel with equipment that is owned by the University of Cincinnati, to include but not limited to: laptop computers, mobile devices, or lab items (GPS, any device that contains encrypted software, etc.), may require a license or license exception certification prior to travel. The hand-carry or shipment of items may be prohibited or restricted by U.S. export control laws and the import control laws of the destination country.

International travelers proposing to take such University owned devices abroad must comply with all U.S. Export Control and destination country regulations and with the University's Export Control Program.

In advance of travel, please reference the University of Cincinnati Export Controls website for guidance and completion of training on export control requirements.

Travel to Crimea, Cuba, Iran, Syria, and/or Sudan may require licensing from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and specific record keeping. Please contact the Export Controls office as soon as possible when traveling to these countries.

Effective September 1, 2017, persons who wish to travel to North Korea with a US passport must obtain a special validation.  This passport validation will only be granted under very limited circumstances.  For further information on this update, please refer to the US Passport & International Travel website.

International Travel Forms

When UC faculty, staff and students complete a travel request in the UC Concur system that involves international travel, a notification will be sent to the Export Controls Office and the following form will be sent to you: 

If you are traveling with UC owned items (i.e. laptop, smart phone, samples, etc.), it is strongly recommended that you complete an International Certification form and have a paper copy available as it may be requested for review by Customs Officials.

    Examples of travel:

      1)  Attendance of a conference in Cuba
      2)  Presenting at a workshop in Iran

Things to Consider

Where am I going?  Who am I visiting? What am I doing while I'm there?  Am I hand-carrying or shipping items?

  • Contact the Export Controls office if:

      1)  traveling to OFAC sanctioned destinations (top 5 out of 21, country specific-
      named above)
      2)  taking or shipping items, contact the Export Controls office
  • Avoid international travel with proprietary data (GE data, etc.)
  • Ensure restricted party screening (RPS) is conducted on the place and/or person(s) of visit and cleared prior to trip
  • Presentations and discussions must be limited to topics that are not related to controlled items, software, or technology unless that information is already published or in the public domain
  • If you are hand-carrying an item internationally, you must consider the import regulations of the destination country. The Bureau of Industry and Security has specific guidance for Hong Kong, Singapore, and UAE.

Media Sanitization and International Travel - Electronic Devices

Please review the following documents for properly removing data from electronic devices. These documents assist with the removal of data for when a project is completed and or when you travel to China or any other foreign destination. Also, please ensure that your department follows the guidance to ensure export controlled data is not accidentally released to unauthorized users.

University of Cincinnati Standard 9.1.8:  Media Sanitization

University of Cincinnati Guidelines:  International Travel Data and Device


As a reminder, the following checklist for protecting information may be helpful:

Checklist for Protecting Information Guideline

IT@UC Office of Information Security - Staying Secure While Traveling

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