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Universities have based most of their activity as falling within the exclusions below.  In order to be exempt from export control regulations, you must qualify for at least 1 of the following 3:

  1. Fundamental Research Exclusion (FRE) and National Policy re: Fundamental Research (NSDD 189)
    • Accredited Universities of higher learning conducting basic and applied
      and the results of which are intended to be published and are not
      subject to access or publication restrictions 
    • "Fundamental Research means basic and applied research in science
      and engineering, the results of which ordinarily are published and shared
      broadly within the scientific community, as distinguished from proprietary
      research...the results of which ordinarily are restricted for proprietary or
      national security reasons."
    • The Fundamental Research Exclusion ONLY applies to information NOT developed products
    • The following causes the Fundamental Research Exclusion to NOT be applicable to the project:
        • Making side deals or statements/agreements that the publication restrictions are okay or approval by the sponsor is alright with you
        • If you do not intend to publish any of the work

        Fundamental Research FAQs

  2. Public Domain

    This applies to research or information that is published and generally available or accessible by the public. 

  3. Educational Exclusion

    This covers math, engineering, or general science that is commonly taught in academic institutions, even if the information being shared is controlled by EAR.  ITAR items do not qualify for the educational exclusion.

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