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Leaving the University? Relocating Labs?

When a principal investigator is vacating a laboratory due to transfer, retirement, space renovation or other reasons, the laboratory and associated research areas such as storage rooms, must be properly decommissioned. The University of Cincinnati laboratories have a variety of hazardous materials (biological, chemical, and radioactive) which may put in risk the safety of staff, research and the environment during/after the moving process.

Laboratories must be left in a state suitable for new occupants or for renovation activities. The Principal Investigator at the University of Cincinnati has the main responsibility for the hazardous materials management and must follow the proper procedures when vacating laboratories to ensure all chemical, radioactive and biological materials are removed and disposed of properly.

The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) has an advisory providing the proper steps to be followed before a laboratory departure (EHS advisory 7.1.1). In addition, the Biosafety Office generated a lab departure check list providing more details on the biological safety issues which need to be considered during this process.



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