Biosafety Office

Laboratory Inspections

BSL2 laboratories are inspected by the Biosafety Office at least once per year. Lab occupants should consult the inspection check list in order to get ready for inspection.

   The verification of an inventory for biohazard items has been added to the lab inspection list. For an example of an inventory, click HERE.

According to the CDC and NIH, BSL2 laboratories must have signs posted on their access doors. Those signs must contain: the name of the infectious agent(s) or potential infectious materials (e.g. human blood, human cells), special requirements for entering the area and the name, telephone number of the principal investigator and other responsible person.

Door sign: BSL2 lab        Door sign: BSL2 lab working with human materials ONLY

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Marcia Espinola, DVM, MS, CBSP
Director, Biological Safety Office
Biological Safety Officer

Gary E. Dean, PhD
IBC Chairman